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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Our fellow #changemakers have presented the policy proposals they worked on the past September to MEP Brando Benifei!

But first… Rewind… What’s EGD Thessaloniki? Our third event of Europeans Go Digital brought together in Thessaloniki, Greece on 8-10 September 2022, more than 73 participants from 13 EU countries in to exchange ideas and propose amendments to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act.

​As the project aims to voice the vision of young Europeans on the issue of AI, on 17 November 2022 a delegation of EucA Staff and students met with Mr. Brando Benifei, member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur for the Artificial Intelligence Act in the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) to deliver the amendments to the AI legislation – currently under negotiation at the EU Parliament – drafted by students during the EGD Thessaloniki Event.

Furthermore, 35 of our #changemakers have directly contacted MEPs and Permanent Representatives of their nationality & country of origin to the European Union to present their proposals for the EU Artificial Intelligence Act personally! Participants were able to act as spokespersons for their Project Team members & participants of their nationality and deliver key messages on their proposals. They did so via email, putting in copy all members of their respective Project Team and participants of their nationality so as to amplify their impact and create a solid young & international network!

Many aspects were taken into consideration by the 7 Policy Teams:

Some of them highlighted the importance of providing in-depth information to users so that they can give truly informed consent; others tackled the concerns surrounding transparency and the use of personal data.

Groups also discussed acknowledging the possibility of an individual redress mechanism for European citizens if exposed to non-compliant AI systems by empowering them to make a legal case. Students also analyzed ‘real-time’ remote biometric identification systems (even for law enforcement purposes) and the possible interference with the freedom rights of EU citizens. Even the protection of human rights in migrant populations was addressed.

Are you curious to discover more about our #changemakers' proposals on the Artificial Intelligence Act? You can discover & read more on them here!

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