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#Changemakers In Action!

How can we increase citizens’ engagement with EU Institutions through European dialogue? What media content can be used to communicate the added value of European integration? Students tried to answer these questions by working together, divided into groups – 5 media and 5 policy teams.

But hold on… What’s EGD Leuven? Europeans Go Digital brought together in Leuven, Belgium, on 26-28 October 67 participants from 13 EU countries for a final exchange of ideas and propositions to create youth-friendly EU Consultation Tools!

Media teams came up with creative ideas to engage young people more effectively: some of them produced a podcast to make the information as simple and accessible as possible; others designed a platform to allow users to collaborate, be informed, and track voting on certain topics amongst various EU countries in an accessible, clear and concise way. Another group created audiovisual series (reels) for social media to increase the visibility of youth proposals and events, spread knowledge and create interest in EU Youth activities.

On the policy side, students suggested the creation of European Personalized Profiles (EuPP). Why? So individuals could pick and choose their interests, themes and focal points to receive relevant information on the EU services platforms. Others proposed the creation of a #BEUACTIVE! Webinar to connect every student in the EU and promote European values: where the main themes of the course would consist of the structure of the EU, the authority and power of the EU, and the essential elements of the EU constitution. Creating a user-friendly app aiming at engaging European citizens with EU institutions, thus connecting European citizens and making their voice heard, was the goal of another policy team; while other participants recommended introducing mandatory courses and lessons about the EU in high schools of all Member States.

In the last day of EGD Leuven, all groups presented their work to the jury composed by Hon. Loránt Vincze, Vice-Chair of the AFCO Committee and Member of PETI Committee in the European Parliament; Ms. Maud Cattiaux, Project Officer European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA); Mr. Davide Dal Maso - Founder of Social Warning; and Mr. Gian Luca Giovannucci, President of EucA, who selected the best two proposals presented by the teams.

Are you curious to discover more? Have a look here!

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