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EucA protagonist of the Conference on the Future of Europe!

The Italian final event of the Conference on the Future of Europe was held last 15 June 2022, in Rome. At the event, also Political and Institutional representatives attended: The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Undersecretary for European Affairs, the Minister for Youth Policy, the President of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, and many others .

Thanks to its involvement and significant contribution to the hearing at the Department of European Policies of last January, EucA was invited to participate as speaker of the conference representing some of the results achieved.

Giacomo Baccarelli, an EucA student talked on the stage. He studies Philosophy at Sapienza University of Rome and presented a summary of the final report of the hearing with the Department of European Policies "Training and Placement in the Job Market".

Drafted by 23 Italian university students from the EucA network, the report captures the disorientation of young people for the lack of guidance in th transition from University to the job market.

Giacomo mentioned the role of EucA in Career Coaching and its for young people and their education highlighting the knowledge he acquired, the boost he received towards active citizenship, and a renovated confidence on himself and his potential developed during the EucA activities.

“What moved us to participate was our desire to actively and incisively renew the condition of Italian students. We are struck by how the Conference on the Future of Europe managed to unite us, young citizens, from all over Europe by strengthening our link with it. Today our feeling of being European citizens has been renewed to such an extent by this experience that until now we have never felt so close to the European dream.”

We are proud of the result achieved and of the role offered to EucA played because once again, we felt to take part to the creation of something great.

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