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3,2,1 Kick-Off!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

3,2,1, a new digital journey for young Europeans has started!

The first board reunion among the three project’s partners (EucA, Social Warning and MeOut) took place in a blended meeting last 22-23 July to discuss the next steps in organizing the events of the project.

Europeans Go Digital is a journey to empower and support young people to dream and make a better future. Through 4 highly experiential events, students from 12 European countries will meet around Europe to debate and share their vision for a digitalised European society. A holistic experience of EU civic engagement that will bring them the opportunity to decide the frontiers of a digitalized society and debate about the EU policy agenda on digitalization.

During the meeting, the partners reviewed the guidelines document and approved a plan of actions based on the objectives to be reached as well as the respective needs of the stakeholders. The guidelines were developed by the output coordinator EucA, whose aim is to enable a transparent and cohesive organization on each step of the project. The agreement includes indications on all working activities, budget allocation and templates for the follow-up and the collection of the practices.

A good spirit of collaboration and interactive ways to engage and communicate will be the keys to the success of a young and new partnership composed of Associations dealing with students and young people! The next step is the candidates' official launch and selection process for the first event that will take place on October 20-22 in Rome, Italy.

The project’s kick off meeting involved 12 participants - 2 from Budapest (Hungary); 3 from Brussels (Belgium); 1 from Malo (Italy), 3 from Rome (Italy), 1 from Trissino (Italy), 1 from Spresiano (Italy), 1 from Treviso (Italy).

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