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Road to Rome!

Don’t miss what will happen in the eternal city!

Finally! After months of hard work and preparations, tomorrow is the opening day of the Europeans Go Digital! Events. 65 students from all over Europe will meet in Rome to #MakeAChange through an innovative #Hackathon on the topic #OnlineCivicParticipation.

What will happen on the first day? You will meet all the people that have been involved behind the scenes who will explain to you what to expect in the upcoming days... and of course, you will meet the other participants from all over Europe!

It’s the perfect occasion to start networking with people that share the same interests and to put into practice very valuable communication skills.

During the Hackathon, you and your group will be challenged among 3 thematic areas:

  • Social media: online engagement and participation,

  • Grassroots initiatives: digital and voting platforms,

  • Top-Down consultation tools: institutional tools for citizen engagement.

The engines are up for it… develop your ideas and put them into real action!

Follow us on our social media channels to not miss a thing and to get inspired for the next events! @euchangemakers

See you there!

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