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GenZ Votes in Coimbra, Portugal!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

GenZVotes! A journey made with young people, by young people, for young people, to show the power of youth vote!

GO TO COIMBRA, PORTUGAL! Travel, accommodation for 2/3 nights, and some meals are covered!

GenZVotes! is the new EU project awarded to EucA and partners (Perrotis College and Convitto Nazionale “Mario Cutelli”) to support and train young people to brainstorm, film and edit engaging video content for their peers to increase voters participation in the next European Elections 2024!

Become a GenZ voter!

Are you ready to show the power of youth vote? The how and why of different forms of civic participation in national and European elections?

Become part of an international community where you will gain more than one year of work experience as social media content creator and team leader while travelling around Europe for free!

4 experiential events around the EU

300 young people involved

15 European countries

5 Audiovisual platforms

1 European elections


16-19 March 2023: Video storytelling challenge in Coimbra, Portugal, on Youth Sparks of Change

April 2023: Hackathon in Catania, Italy, on Hacking Youth's Democratic Habits

September 2023: Theatre challenge in Thessaloniki, Greece, on A Day in the Life of a European

March 2024: Behavioural nudging challenge in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on Removing Barriers to Youth Voting


  1. Click HERE to download the call for applications!

  2. Send us your application by completing this Google form by 12 February at 23:59 (Brussels Time). The selection will be made on a rolling basis, so hurry up not to miss your opportunity in GenZVotes!

  3. Online Interviews will be done on a rolling basis, with the latest ones taking place on 14 and 15 February.

The final results will be announced on 16 February (if you applied early, you’ll have them before!) and you must confirm your participation by sending your transportation tickets by 22 February at 23:59 (Brussels time).

You can find more information about our new EU project HERE!

If you have any questions or need support booking your tickets, please contact us at

Are you not sure what GenZ Votes is about? Who are the "Youth Squads"? Whether you are eligible or not? Join our Q&A on Monday, 6 February @ 9 pm and get the answers you need! Register HERE!

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