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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The final EGD event: Idea Challenge!

What. A. Blast! EucA, Social Warning and MeOut left the room standing!

Europeans Go Digital brought together in Leuven, Belgium, on 26-28 October 67 participants from 13 EU countries for a final exchange of ideas and propositions to create youth-friendly EU Consultation Tools.

How can we increase citizens’ engagement with the EU institutions through European dialogue? What media content can be used to communicate the added value of European integration?

The main topic of the discussion were the ongoing EU mechanisms already set in motion to promote better engagement between citizens in the European dialogue, followed by the inputs of our #changemakers on how to increase inclusion and cohesion among the parties using innovative communication tools.

On the first day, Ms. Eliana Pitti, Communication Officer in the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament; Ms. Danielle Piatkiewicz, Program Director at the Alliance of Democracies Foundation; and Ms. Rita Pecoraro, Policy Assistant @ EYY 2022 Team - European Commission, attended as panelists and introduced the pitchfires where each participant had 1 min to present their primary idea for the Idea Challenge.

The following day, students were divided into 10 working groups - 5 Policy Teams & 5 Media Teams -, in order to discuss and create policies or media strategies according to the ideas pitched previously under the theme of “youth-friendly EU Consultation Tools”.

On the last and final day, all groups presented their work to the jury composed by Hon. Loránt Vincze, Vice-Chair of the AFCO Committee and Member of PETI Committee in the European Parliament; Ms. Maud Cattiaux, Project Officer European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA); Mr. Davide Dal Maso - Founder of Social Warning; and Mr. Gian Luca Giovannucci, President of EucA, who selected the best two proposals presented by the teams. An enriching discussion on youth-engagement and the future of Europe followed.

Our congratulations to everyone for their amazing job!

It's an excellent opportunity for young people to make their voices heard, get in contact with other young people, and network. The idea challenge is very fun and creative, and really expresses young people's ideas.

L. M. from Spain

What’s next?

As the project aims to bring young EU citizens and EU institutions closer together, the winning proposals of this event will be presented to MEPs and national policymakers.

We are grateful to all the participants coming from our Colleges for their commitment: 67 citizens - 7 from Hungary (5 from Budapest, 1 from Szolnok, 1 from Miskolc), 1 from Austria (Salzburg), 2 from Germany (all from Bremen), 3 from Portugal (2 from Lisbon, 1 from Braga), 2 from Ireland (1 from Roscommon, 1 from Dublin), 2 from Romania (all from Targu Mures), 1 from Poland (Warsaw), 1 from Sweden (Stockholm), 1 from France (Paris), 2 from Greece (all from Thessaloniki), 24 from Italy (4 from Rome, 1 from Montù Beccaria, 2 from Catania, 1 from San Donà di Piave, 1 from Rosolina, 1 from Assisi, 1 from Cuneo, 1 from Campobasso, 1 from Genova, 1 from Brescia, 1 from Siracusa, 1 Monreale, 1 from Niscemi, 1 from Siena, 1 from Sessa Aurunca, 1 from Trissino, 2 from Pavia, 1 from Malo, 1 from Schio), 7 from Spain (1 from Santander, 6 from Madrid), 13 from Belgium (2 from Louvain la Neuve, 3 from Leuven, 1 from Kortrijk, 7 from Brussels).

Thank you also to our partners, MeOut and Social Warning - Movimento Etico Digitale for their collaboration on this project!

And thank you to EVERYONE involved for making Europeans Go Digital an enriching & outstanding experience from beginning to end!!

Even though this chapter has come to an end… There are still many surprises ahead! Stay tuned #changemakers!

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