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Message to Europeans 3.0: Student Leaders 2 years later.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Message to Europeans 3.0 has been home for young people who think that making a change is possible.

“During Message to Europeans, I had the opportunity to meet young people who are proud and convinced that they can contribute to making the European Union but also their ordinary life better” (Francesco, Italy).

In 2017, every nation in the EU was focalised on its internal problems. Student Leaders, the leading group of Message to Europeans 3.0, came together to discover what there was in common among them, as EU citizens, on topics such as populism, migration, and the future of Europe. Thanks to events and activities all around the EU, they met each other and engaged with young people in their local communities aiming to build a new narrative for the EU with a bottom-up approach. They have been changemakers and became friends.

The Italian, the Pole, the Spaniard or the Frenchman were suddenly no longer strangers with abstract opinions that are difficult to understand — They were friends you wanted to talk to find compromises” (Anna, Germany).

Changemakers in the post covid world.

When the pandemic hit, Student Leaders, with a sense of belonging to their call, decided to produce a statement and a video to let their peers know about the need for solidarity among the EU countries to overcome the international COVID-19 related crisis.

Now, in a time of fast changes linked to the green and digital transformation, it is more than necessary that young people aspire to act as the Student Leaders, becoming changemakers: people that care about each other, feeling part of the same European community, and conscious of their capabilities to make an impact in society.

How to do that? Join Europeans Go Digital! Use your passion and be visionary, check the opportunities on this website and participate. You will also be a changemaker!

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