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What will happen in Szeged, Hungary?

Another incredible adventure is waiting for you!

#Cybersecurity affects our way of life more than ever. We are constantly at the risk of being robbed of our data, confused by fake news on social media, and checked on our internet activity. Social media platforms and online tools are nowadays “the places to be”! We need to make our voices heard and try to shape the digital future of Europe.

And that's where young people like you come in!

Come to Szeged and join an engaging Oxford-style debate and innovative Idea Challenge! Divided into teams, you will discuss current digital issues that are affecting the EU political agenda, preparing policy reports and online awareness campaigns addressed to young citizens and to EU and national policymakers.

Sounds difficult? Not at all!

For #changemakers like you, this is a great opportunity! Youth engagement is key to opening new possibilities and making a real difference in our digital society! Your contribution can make safer the online sphere that we all are in!

Sounds better? Click here to know more about the agenda, content, and application process!

Prepare your CV and motivational video (1’30/2'), send it to us and wait for our answer!

Follow us on our social media channels to not miss a thing and to get inspired for the next events! @euchangemakers

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